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I've been performing in front of audiences for more than 30 years.  I'm at home helping the audience to laugh, learn, and let loose.  I really enjoy “Full-Contact” performances – offering the audience a chance to participate in the fun.


I've told stories on mountain tops and in valleys from New Mexico to South Carolina and many large and small places in between. 


I tell cowboy tales, folk tales, home grown tales, and I guarantee to make you smile. 

Great events

where I've



An Afternoon with O. Henry in South Texas



I participated in a tandem presentation with Texas Storyteller Donna Ingham in An Afternoon with O. Henry in South Texas. The Institute of Texan Cultures in San Antonio, Texas organized this event. Donna and I told favorite O. Henry stories selected from among his three-dozen tales set in Texas. The event celebrated America's master of the “twist-at-the-end,” in conjunction with the “Photographs and Paragraphs: The Images of I.N. Hall and the Imagery of O. Henry” exhibit.



Camp C.A.M.P. campfire programs



I presented six campfire programs for campers and staff members for Camp C.A.M.P. in Center Point, Texas. This camp provides outdoor summer-camp experiences for severely handicapped children ages 5-21. My programs were specifically designed to entertain campers ages 12–21 with varying degrees of physical or mental challenges. Each program was one hour long and was crafted to be quick moving with actions and character voices.



​1999 - present


For the 27th Annual George West Storyfest, in 2015, I served as Featured Teller.  As Featured Teller I appeared on stage for six seperate segments of the event.  Each time period required different stories to be performed.  All the sessions had firm time constraints and coordination with Stage Managers and Emcees. 


For the Fabra Elementary School Storytelling Festival, UTSA Storytelling Festival, Celebrate! Bandera, Tejas Storytelling Festival, and George West Storyfest, I have presented daylong programs for school children from Pre-Kindergarten to High School and stage performances. These programs involved selecting and performing age appropriate stories, encouraging group participation and interacting with school personnel.



Dobie Dichos



Campfires, Chili con Carne, and the Words of J. Frank Dobie  "Any tale belongs to whoever can best tell it!" J.F.D.

A night of campfire cooking, booksigning and Texas authors' reading from the works of the master South Texas storyteller - Live Oak County born and raised.  This evening is an annual event celebrating the words of J. Frank Dobie.  My story was "The Headless Horseman of the Mustangs" - a Dobie classic that rivals any creepy tale you've heard.

Mary Margaret Campbell

​George West Storyfest Director



Mary Grace Ketner




Sue Kuentz


"Larry Thompson is a delight to work with and listen to. As a storyteller he has a well-earned reputation as a funny fellow, but he's quite capable of developing a serious tale as well. Whether he's telling a tall tale or a true story, he is engaging and always respectful of his audience and his material."
Donna Ingham - Great Texas Storyteller
"Whether Larry is spinning tales about cowboys, family, wild times, or even his “Oh-Hell” moments, he does it with the kind of grit and polish most can only envy. He’s more fun than the law allows."
Hank Roubicek - Radio Host: "What’s Your Story?" on Houston’s KPFT 90.1 FM

Storyteller in Texas - Emcee - entertainer - performer
Animated Performance
Favorite Story Requests

Too Tard to Move

Sausage on a Stick

The Unbreakable Comb


Demons in Texas

Jr. John Deere

Billy Ray Loves Moon Pies

Liar's Contest winner


Marvin Brown Volunteer Service Award

Tejas Storytelling Association


Will Rogers Medallion Award

Cowboy Poetry CD category

2019 & 2021

First Place Winner

Kendall County Liars Contest

Heath Library Boerne, TX


Runner-up and People's Choice Award

2nd Annual Cowboy Poetry  Competition

Crossroads Ranch, Bristow, OK


Featured Teller

27th Annual Storyfest

George West, TX


2009 & 2011

"Least Forgettable Performer"

Trembling Hills Rehab 

Friends and Fish Fry



First Place Winner

Houston Storytellers Guild

Liar's Contest


2015, 2019, 2020

Runner up 

Texas State Liar's Contest

George West, TX


2012, 2014, 2016 

Third Place Winner

Texas State Liar's Contest

George West, TX


2015 - 2017


Tejas Storytelling Association




San Antonio Storytelling Association



Course Director

Wood Badge for the 21st Century

Alamo Area Council, BSA

Awards & Appointments
Storyteller and Cowboy Poet
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