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Programs And Workshops

Storytelling Programs 

  • Programs for Elementary Schools - programs include age-appropriate stories.  Story selection includes Br'er Rabbit tales, Western tales, Critter tales, and other active tales.​

  • Programs for Middle and High Schools - programs include age-appropriate stories.  Story selection includes personal narrative tales, Western tales and poetry, historic tales, and spooky tales. 

  • Adult Programs - programs include lively, family-friendly stories - home-grown tales, Western tales and poetry, business stories, parenting stories, sacred tales, and personal narrative stories. No one leaves a program without laughing at least once!

Program length can vary from 30 minutes to 90 minutes.  Specific story requests can be made.


Conferences, training events, business keynotes, family gatherings, parties and receptions, board meetings, tent meetings, or luncheons - a storyteller can fit in anywhere!


Workshops are a great way to learn storytelling and storytelling techniques.  Whether you choose a pre-designed workshop or visit with me to create a custom workshop for your group - all workshops are interactive and lively.​
Pre-designed workshops include:

  • "Eureka! I have an idea!" - Stories, stories everywhere - but - where do they come from

  • "You Made That Up" - creating and delivering almost true tales

  •  "Appreciate the Absurd" - using humor in your stories

  •  "Storytelling in Business" - using storytelling techniques from the board room to the elevator

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