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Eureka! I have an idea!

Stories are everywhere - and all stories start from an idea.  This workshop explores that concept, encourages learners to identify the idea behind their favorite stories, and explores finding or crafting stories to expand on the initial idea. 

Download the handout!

  • In the beginning…

    • What’s a story you remember – any story?


  • Why create a story in the first place?

    • Situations that need stories?

    • People that need stories?


  • Where do ideas come from?


  • Using your idea

    • Build a story – character, conflict, resolution

    • Pick a lane!


  • Are there any bad story ideas?


  • What if the lightbulb is there, but it’s not turned on?

    • Personal Narrative Prompts

      • Sibling rivalry and friendship: teasing/playing tricks, room sharing.

      • Did you or someone in your family get a haircut that just didn’t work out?

      • Tell about a time you got in trouble at school or at home.

      • Tell about a favorite item you’ve kept with you for many years.

      • Did you ever break a bone, get stitches, ride in an ambulance…tell your “scarry story.”

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